Event “SVF 2020 – 2025 Strategic Vision”

🌱 Yesterday, Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) held a meeting to mark 5 years of establishment and development in Vietnam. At the same time, we officially announced the new strategic vision 2020 – 2025: PROMOTING A VIETNAM SHINING IN THE WORLD MAP BY COMPETITIVE VALUE OF VIETNAMESE TECHNOLOGY.

✨ In the event, SVF announced the deployment of four program branches on a national scale to improve the capacity of Vietnam’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystems. Including EDP – entrepreneurs development program, NISD – national innovation system development program, VNES – building a volunteer network for entrepreneurs & startups and IE – investment empowering.

✨ SVF would like to express our sincere thanks to government representative, Local representative, educational organizations, incubators, accelerators, advisors, mentors, startups and investors have taken the time to participate with us, thanks to the media partners who have contributed to spreading the strong message and affecting much more people. 

Link to review: http://bit.ly/SVF2020-2025
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