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GO GLOBAL: THE BEGINNING OF THE GLOBAL JOURNEY OF VIETNAMESE STARTUPS – LEAN WORKSHOP Steve Blank – a well-known educator and businessman at Silicon Valley who inspired Eric Ries to write the famous book The Lean Startup, defined start-ups as “a temporary organization used to search for a repeatable and scalable business model”. About scaling up, a few notable names for the “Go Global” trend in Vietnam are Designbold, Money Lover, Beeketing, GotIt!, Triip.me, etc., but there are still only few of them as most Vietnamese startups struggle to scale up and reach out to the international market. With this problem in mind, the Vietnamese Startup Program 2018 with the aim to helping startups develop their strategies to “Expand to the global market” was intiated with top 25 potential startups in 2018 voted by VnExpress. Lean Workshop: Go Global is the first topic in the program discussed on 25 October 2018 to support founders formulate their strategies to bring their local products to the global markets with the help of local and foreign experienced experts. Startup Vietnam Foundation as 1 of the 5 professional education unit invited by Vietnamese Startup 2018 to upport with organizing the workshop.
We would like to officially introduce our experts in the upcoming workshop:

* Ms. Priscilla Han – Head of Venture Investments & Joint Ventures REAPRA.

* Mr. Nick Martin – Director Build 80 Program.

* Mr. Leo Pham – VIISA Program Manager.

* Mr. Lam Tran – CEO WisePass.

* Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc – CEO Innovation Capital Management.

* Mr. Nguyen Minh Phuc – Director LeaderUP Accelerator Program.

The workshop will include interactive activies and discussions between startups and experts, which SVF hopes will bring immense value to the participants.

*Who can participate: SVF’s guests.

Event’s activities via photos:

Media coverage after event:



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