National Innovation System Development Program (NISD)

Internal strength of a nation, the foundation of a strong economy, must be created by a diverse, stable, growing business community. And in the industrial age and digital era of rapid development, innovation is the key to increase the competitive position, corporate value, impact and sustainable development of businesses.

With a commitment to create a positive national impact, SVF is a pioneer focusing on developing innovation ecosystems in many provinces of Vietnam to improve the competitiveness of regions through capacity building programs for entrepreneurs/ enterprises, innovative partners and provincial leaders.

Our program’s philosophy is based on the belief that “People are the root of all development”. We focus on helping individuals in transform fixed mindsets into growth mindsets, and to be able to engage in an innovation ecosystem that best supports entrepreneurs to succeed globally.


  • Strategic cooperation with local governments of 25 provinces to develop the Innovation & Startup ecosystem;
  • Support to raise awareness, connect stakeholders & build the Innovation & Startup ecosystem in provinces;
  • Design & support to run entrepreneurship development programs in provinces with early stage business ideas & startups;
  • Connecting activites across provinces and globally to enhance the vision of government leaders, innovative partners & entrepreneurs in provinces;
  • Co-host & lead content for Annual Local Economic Forum to focus on strengthening Provincial competitiveness.

Annual Local Economic Forum

The annual Local Economic Forum brings together more than 2,000 officials and businesses from more than 25 provinces.


One province will preside to host the Forum based on an annual rotating basis.


  • Sharing direction, experience & lessons learned of provincial innovation ecosystem building activities;
  • Provincial policymaker think-tank on “Science, Technology and Innovation” to strengthen the competitiveness of regions;
  • Inspiring entrepreneurship & startups among provinces;
  • Strengthen inter-provincial trade promotion activities;
  • Maintaining the inspiration & continuously focus on action.


  • National Government Representatives;
  • Local Government Representatives;
  • Local businesses at the host province;
  • National & local innovative partners & startups who are interested in the startup & innovation ecosystem in provinces.


  • Coaching/ Mentoring & Round Table with Vietnamese Global Experts;
  • Business Matching Focus on Trade/ Investment;
  • Lesson Learnt & ThinkTank of Provincial Policy makers.


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