“The Happy Startup Series BootCamp – HIST bootcamp 2018”

Mindfulness is a soul-awakening methos with many scientifically proven benefits: decreases stress, increases focus, increases understanding; nurture positive mental states: joy, creativity, gratitude… All of these benefits gear us towards a more balanced, sucessful and content life. Coach Luong Ngoc Tien will inspire you to shine your own potentials and share scientific methods to practice your soul, bound visions to core values and ready to face difficulties and challenges on the startup journey. This is the last workshop in the Accelerate Bootcamp of HCMC 2018 Innovation Startup Tourism (HIST) organized for 21 projects selected through Round 2 of the competition. However, to bring many more values to our community, support more startups to “Startup Happy”, SVF opens this event to all Startups who are interested to join. Participants: Startups who are interested in the topic

Fee: Free of charge.

Event’s activities via photos:

Media coverage after event:




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