Year-end meeting – Successful puzzle pieces

Another year has gone, It’s time for us to look back what we did in last year and orientate to a new year with new plans and success. Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) also wish to share the achievement reached in 2017 with Mr/Mrs in Starup Ecosystem and to those who companion with SVF.

In 2017, Innovation Capital Management (ICM), an important partner to support the funding problem for Startup, has appeared. In this event, ICM will announce the success of funding and sign cooperation with 6 representative startups.

Always companion with SVF to support the entrepreneuer who come close to the success, We can’t help mention Mentor, Ecosysem Builderm Investor and international partner, Hope you will always companion with SVF, ICM for a durable Startup Ecosystem

Event’s activities via photos:

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