On 12/01/2021, the annual meeting of the Management Board is held at SVF's office in Ho Chi Minh City. The annual meeting is pleased to have the attendance of the Foundation Board, also known as the Management Board term I (2014 - 2019), members of the Management Board term II (2020 - 2025), Program Directors and Advisors. 

The Executive Board announced the decision on recognition of the Management Board term II for the period 2020 - 2025 of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the gratitude ceremony for the Board of Management term I, the announcement ceremony of the Management Board term II and the appointment of the new Chief Operating Officer.


✨ Accordingly, five members of the Management Board term II for the period 2020 - 2025 of Startup Vietnam Foundation are:

- Mr. Pham Duy Hieu – President

- Mr. Nguyen Quang Thuan – Vice-President

- Ms. Le Hong Minh – Member

- Mr. Nguyen Viet Duc –  Member

- Mr. Nguyen Duy – Member

The Management Board is the governing body of the fund, acting on beance of SVF to decide and implement rights and obligations of the fund. They are responsible for deciding on the fund's annual plan, development strategy and plan, deciding on SVF development solutions. The Management Board also plans on asset use and decisions on SVF's organizational structure in accordance with the law and fund charter 


✨ The appointment of Ms. Nguyen Nha Quyen (Mandy), as Chief Operating Officer of Startup Vietnam Foundation - Effective from 12/01/2021.

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for implementing effectively SVF's operations to achieve the overall objectives, lead the implementation, assign tasks to each department/program, manage the coordination between programs and ensure an efficient operation within the organization. In addition, the COO is also in charge of managing the relatínhip with the Board of Management, advising and assisting the BOD in the formulation and implementation of SVF's strategy. 


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the Management Board term I (period 2014 - 2019), also known as the Foundation Board of Startup Vietnam Foundation, who laid the foundations for the extension of supporting startups and the innovation ecosystem in Viet Nam. Your great contributions are always a driving force for the next generation to constantly improve, learn and develop themselves with a desire of a united Vietnam to shine through the strength of technology on the world map.


Members of the Management Board term I for the period 2014 - 2019 of Startup Vietnam Foundation are:

- Mr. Huynh Trung Nam – President

- Ms. Phan Thanh Le Hang– Vice-President

- Mr. Pham Duy Hieu – Commissioner 

- Ms. Le Hong Minh –  Commissioner

- Mr. Le Minh Thanh – Commissioner

- Mr. Ho An Viet – Commissioner


Besides, the Executive Board also acknowledged the achievements as well as the contributions, impacts of SVF on the innovation community in the past year, contributing to boosting Vietnam's economic growth, right with SVF's mission: For you, for Vietnam. 


In the next 5 years, SVF will continue to follow, strengthen and promote national innovation ecosystem, enhancing the engagement of big firms with small and growing businesses, thus boosting Vietnam economic growth through these key programs and activities: 


👉🏻 National Innovation System Development - NISD

NISD is developed on the basis of local innovation development and entrepreneurship ecosystem. In 2021, NISD aims to build the value chain on economic growth through regional linkages, strengthen local competitiveness by creating activities that help entrepreneurs to improve their capacities. They also consult, build, measure, research and analyze each province to make recommendations, assessment, strategy for the locality. 


👉🏻  Entrepreneurs Development Program - EDP

EDP aims to support the development of startups and incubators in order to develop the national innovation ecosystem in the most effective way. EDP program includes consulting, capacity improvement activities and convey those activities to more incubators and accelerators in Vietnam. In 2021, EDP expects to continue promoting a strong and sustainable development for entrepreneurs through more training sessions and activities. 


👉🏻  Youth Empowered Network - YEN (formerly VNES) 

As a precursor to Volunteer Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups (VNES), YEN's objective in 2021 is to connect and build a network between high quality human resources and companies in Vietnam through leadership enhancement programs, empowerment activities with the aspiration of integration and expansion positive impacts to the community. 


👉🏻  Investment Empowering - IE

IE aims to attract venture capital funding for startups and promote the development of the startup ecosystem by improving startup fundraising skills, building and enhancing the capacity of the investment components. 


👉🏻 In 2021, SVF will organize and implement activities coordinating with ministries, authorities, departments responsible for supporting and managing policies for innovation ecosystem. In addition, SVF also implements scientific research, public-private dialogues, inter-regional events on improving the quality of human resources, gathering all the stakeholders in the ecosystem. 


We wish the Management Board term II for the period 2020 - 2025 and our new Chief Operating Officer all the best and success. May every obstacle in your path become an opportunity. We believe that 2021 is a year of the continuation of Human Spirit development, bringing more positive impacts to the society and above all, fulfilling SVF's pioneering mission which is to create a generation of kind entrepreneurs. 


☘️  To construct a year of 2021 with more achievements and positive impacts, we call on the cooperation from businesses, experts and investors as well as the startup community to create a sustainable development for the innovation ecosystem. If you are interested in and would like to accompany SVF, please contact us via:

+ About Partnership programs: (Ms. Van)

+ About the Sponsorship and Aid package: (Ms. Huyen)

+ About Communication Support: (Ms. Thanh)



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