✨ Identifying students as an important resource to be the unicorn startups, in the process of building and developing Vietnam's startup and innovation ecosystem, the Startup Vietnam Foundation (SVF) has accompanied many partners work together to promote entrepreneurship and innovation among the student communities. To strengthen thinking and capacity for the next generation of leadership.
On November 9th, SVF officially signs a cooperation agreement with Hoa Sen University, marking a further stage on the journey to improve the quality of the young workforce in Vietnam. Accordingly, SVF will jointly build and develop a student community of innovation and startup at the university, implementing activities to support the relevant community programs. The cooperation is signed through VNES- Volunteer Network for Entrepreneurs and Startups which is an important program of SVF's activities for students.
At the signing ceremony, Mr. Pham Duy Hieu - General Director of ABBANK, Vice Chairman of SVF shares two important factors needed for a startup:
An open minded: There is absolutely nothing right in this world. When you come up with the idea of starting a business, someone will say you can't do it, someone will say you are crazy. But when the time you success, they will come and want to make friends with you. Therefore, we must forget our prejudice and judgment of right and wrong. Be open minded.
✨ Energy: Like a fully equipped car, a modern control engines but has no fuel will not make the car run. If you want to have lots of money, you have to have a lot of energy, and ""Energy"" will bring ""Good Salary""!
SVF and VNES are ready to accompany with institutions and organizations who are interested in startup activities and innovation in the student community, to jointly improve the quality of the next generation, elevate the Vietnamese brand to shine on the village world map.
Learn more about the VNES program:
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