Entrepreneurs Development Program (EDP)

This program is to facilitate the development of the Innovation and Entrepreneurshipecosystem in Vietnam through capacity building and financing organizations andstakeholders active in providing solutions and supports to entrepreneurs as well asinnovation enhancement and adoption.

National Innovation SystemDevelopment Program (NISD)

Internal strength of a nation, the foundation of a strong economy, mustbe created by a diverse, stable, growing business community. And inthe industrial age and digital era of rapid development, innovation is thekey to increase the competitive position, corporate value, impact andsustainable development of businesses.

Volunteer Network for Entrepreneurs & Startup (VNES)

VNES aims to establish an international network of Vietnamese Students and organisationsvia talent development programs, intending to impact lives of young Vietnamese students byempowering them to identify, develop and utilize their talents for societal good. Our vision isto have a world where Vietnamese students are encouraged and enabled to develop andpursue their talents

Investment Empowering (IE)

To create an investment ecosystem where connect allmarkets, startups, investors, business accelerators andcommercialization network.